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If  a witness is important enough to be called to appear at a trial but cannot  attend, the best solution is a videotape deposition.

The  videotaping of vital information by a professional disinterested third party is  the preferred and most effective method of preserving testimony or  reconstructing an event when building a successful case.

Our company employs professionals who  specialize in criminal, civil and personal injury videography.  All of our videographers are certified by the American Guild of Court Videographers.

LegalTek wants to become your “one  stop” shop and a key member of your litigating team when it comes to preparing  and/or presenting visual evidence in the courtroom whether that evidence  originates here or anywhere else in the world.

LegalTek only services the legal profession.  If professionalism is as important to  you as it is to us, call LegalTek for legal videotaping and computer and video presentations.

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